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Beneteau Lock Washers


For Beneteau Yachts with a Standard 2 or 3 blade prop the lock washer is a very simple but critical part of the propulsion system.

When removing the prop for service or changing the cutlass bearing you MUST make sure the Lock Washer tab is bent over onto the lock nut. Without this critical part, you could loose your prop in a matter of days. This is unique to Beneteau boats and your boat yard may not be aware of this.

This part can be ordered from your local dealer or online.serv2

Part : 433000 Descrip.: STOP WASHER FOR D25 MM SHAFT

Part : 020975 Descrip.: STOP WASHER FOR D30 MM SHAFT

Part : 433100 Descrip.: STOP WASHER FOR D35 MM SHAFT

Part : 028574 Descrip.: STOP WASHER FOR D40 MM SHAFT

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